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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
So, last night I overcame a strong desire to be lazy, battled the crap weather and made it to the gym up the street from my house for the second day in a row. Look at me go, kids.

I came home and a bit later on a friend came over to hang out with me and watch TV together. After the Amazing Race (they FINALLY left the States) I began thinking about a skirt that I needed to find. It’s that perfect skirt you can’t do without. It’s the perfect length, the perfect size and looks perfect on me, if only I could find the perfect shirt to go with it.

As I went digging through my clothes looking for the skirt (which I eventually found) I uncovered what is probably my largest stash of panties I have every found. For the few minutes I sat hunched over a container of panties of all description, from lace thong to cotton brief, I felt what those Manitoba farmers must have felt when they found oil under their family farmland.

I am fortunate indeed. Not only did I find my skirt – and I am elated that it did not forever vanish into the vortex of clothes that pile up all over my apartment – but I also found a bunch of panties that I didn’t know I had.

My bra and panty obsession is beginning to take over my life.

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