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Friday, October 14, 2005
So, would you believe it, the store up the street is out of vitamin C. Why, you ask? It has nothing to do with the weather dropping or the early onset of the cold November rain. I came back to the office to complain when my co-worker said “People are afraid of Legionnaire’s disease.” Can vitamin C really protect you from Legionnaire’s disease? Based on some preliminary internet research Legionnaire’s disease is contracted from contaminated air conditioners. The internet has also told me that the disease is rampant in Australia. One third of the population shows signs of having come into contact with it. It makes sense. You’d need a lot of air conditioning in Australia.

Anyway, I feel a cold coming on, so I have been loading up on the available meds in vitamin or herbal form to prevent the bug from ravaging my system. It is times like this that I really miss living with Maximizer nee GRC. She had all the answers. Not that she was very nice to me when I was sick, unless I was really sick, she always told me what to take and because I never actually bought any of that stuff, I just always took hers.

So, I emailed her to ask if I was supposed to take iron or zinc. This was her response:

“I always take zinc. They say it shortens the amount of time you'll be sick for. Get zinc lozenges of some kind, with a small dose (5-10mg) and take them a few times a day. Any more than that, and you'll feel sick from the zinc and the cold. I think you can get lozenges that have zinc, vitamin C, and echineacea all wrapped up into one, which is handy. Then you've got all your bases (all your placeboes, maybe) covered.”


The internet couldn’t tell me that. She is a fountain of information. Now, if only she would send a little baggie of pills to me via currier. That would be awesome. Alas, I am dreaming.

My plan is to continue to pop pills and live under my blanket and on my couch in front of Six Feet Under all night so I will feel better tomorrow. But here is my problem. There is a big party tonight at a really cool loft held by two photographers. It is a going away bash for this guy who is moving to South Africa for this woman he loves. It is very sweet.

It is a very romantic story, actually. He met this woman at a wedding in Cape Breton. They stayed in a house together for about three days. They have not had sex, they have never even kissed. When she went back to South Africa they started an internet romance. Now he is moving to see if it works out.

Admittedly, this may have “Crying Game Moment” written all over it. But, I think that it could go down in the annals of romance history under the “when it’s right, it’s right” category.

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