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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
So, I Last night while waiting to leave for the city I got a call on my cell from someone in Montreal. We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked me if I would be driving back to Montreal. I was taking the train. Then he said, “That’s good, because there is a lot of snow here.” I immediately accused him of lying. Obviously he was making fun of me. He said, no, there was some snow this morning and now there is a lot.

We ended our conversation, no one likes lies like that, and I headed for Union Station. On the train I chatted with my boss and tried to sleep a little. As we pulled into Dorval I saw what was the remnants of snow fighting off the rain in an attempt to cling to the ground. You know that white crusty look that is transparent enough to show the grass below. A sad sight really. As I was looking at it I felt that the snow was following the train, chasing me. You may think that makes me a little paranoid, but still, it was like it was out to get me.

I closed my eyes and decided not to think about it. Mistake. I got home and when I stepped out of the cab, on to what was largely a clean street, there was a small patch of snow right in front of my door. Seriously, the street was bare, just rained on, but a patch of snow managed to hold on. And that patch was right outside my door.

I am telling you, it’s after me. It’s going to get me. It taunts me. It wants me to know it's coming. I feel like winter is a cat and I am the half dead mouse it plays with for pleasure before striking the final blow. And it will strike.

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