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Sunday, November 27, 2005
So, I went dancing on Friday night. Everyone loves a dancing girl. It was great. I danced for hours and it was delightful. The one thing that always confuses me on the dance floor is people’s natural instinct to form a circle and dance around an imaginary barrier. It really is strange. On Friday night while the DJ played track after track of danceable soulful music a sizeable circle had formed in the middle of the dance floor, which was small to begin with. For a while people would not cross a barrier defined by what must have been an imaginary hula-hoop. In an attempt to make my friend laugh I placed my half drunk gin and tonic in the middle of the circle and danced around it for a few seconds, a la the purse dancers mentioned two posts ago. This made a few others laugh as well. A group of guys across the dance floor canyon placed a beer bottle in the middle of the circle and then pretended to film the untouched bottle from a couple feet away. No one got into the shot.

It became clear a little later that a couple guys wanted to maintain the circle because they intended to dance in some sort of hybrid break dance style that would take up a lot of room. BORING! Keep in mind, we were NOT at a show. Basically they were good dancers, but they needed an audience.

Why they needed an audience, I’ll never know. It is not like they were expanding the dance genre or capturing the spirit of dance. I say if you need an audience, enroll in some sort of dance school, join a troop and either give performances or go on the road. Do not try to monopolize the dance floor of a Montreal club on Mount Royal. Guess what, we are all there to dance

In any case, people eventually snapped out of their damage and we all had a good time.

Then, at the diner down the street, things got a little crazy. I went out with two Korean women and one Chinese woman. We laughed our way into the diner ready for some very healthy after-bar eats. As we walked through the place this drunk white woman points at my friend as says “Hey!” I figured that she was trashed and that she recognized us from the club. I was only half right.

The drunk chick points at my friends and says in a mimicked Asian accent “Tourist tourist.” She thought it was hilarious. So, I looked at her and said “Asshole asshole.” What is wrong with people? Please spare me the “she was drunk” argument because that doesn’t mean she isn’t indeed an asshole. We were really surprised because that’s just crazy. If you are going to do that wouldn’t it be best to know who you are insulting? You can get yourself in a lot of trouble. I mean that’s why roaming gangs of hateful morons are in gangs. They don’t want to risk a one on one fight. Yes, it made me angry but I wasn’t going to let a moron ruin my night so I took solace in the idea that one day she’ll get beaten to a pulp by an angry Korean with a black belt in Taekwon do.

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