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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
So, the Liberals fell last night. Is this good or bad, I don’t know? I am pretty confident that we will end up with another Liberal minority government. That kind of annoys me as taxpayers are going to have to pay for an election simply to install the same government we have had for eight years.

At the same time you gotta love that whole non-confidence thing. All this time I thought that our politicians were too polite to actually call for the vote. And for a while they were skittering around actually doing it. But then Stephen Harper decided to put the boots to Parliament. Well, at least that gave him a little personality. Although, any glimmer of personality was totally eroded when he made a speech that consisted of “We are looking forward, bla bla bla, future, bla bla bla, we are not looking to the past.” He made those comments but didn’t bother to mention what he was actually talking about. Good message. Perhaps he hasn’t thought of it yet. I also love that he put young people behind him. He found two visible minorities and put them on stage as well. They just looked out of place.

I also saw Paul Martin’s speech. He looked like he was ready for a fight. He was a bit bigger on the podium. He talked about the Liberal record (other than Gomery). Compared to Harper, Martin has TONS of charisma. Getting right down to mud slinging, Martin called the Conservatives the “Neo-Cons.” Good strategy because every poll indicates that Canadians don’t identify with Harper or trust the Conservatives. He called the Bloc Quebecois the Separatist Bloc, which is smart because there are two politics in Quebec, Separatist and Liberal. Although, I don’t think all Bloc supporters are actually separatists. They are actually very good politicians.

I didn’t see Jack Smooth Operator Layton or Dashing Gilles Duceppe meet reporters. But I think Jack should be worried. I think that they will loose some NDP votes to the Liberals as many Canadians would rather sell their children than let Stephen Harper become Prime Minister.

Here is my prediction for each Party. As with any prediction, I could be wrong. But, keep in mind, I am not saying anything that hasn’t been said before.

Liberal – As stated above, they will form a minority government. Even Ralph Kline thinks this is the case. Belinda Stronach will win Newmarket. But she will have to run a bang-up campaign. But, I’m just talking here.

Conservatives – They will end up with the same amount of members in the house perhaps one more or one less. Stephen Harper will have to step down as leader leaving the Conservatives in a quandary. Who will lead this party? Who are the other high-profile Conservatives? Don’t even say Peter McKay, his opponents will rip him to shreds for lying to Tory supporters. Let’s be honest, Stephen Harper is a disaster as leader. But, who else do they have? Someone please tell me because I have no idea.

NDP – They will loose seats. Jack knows that they will not get more support, so really he is fighting to keep the seats they have now. His campaign will be all about trying to get NDP supports to not switch their vote to the Liberals.

Bloc – They will end up with more members in the house. Gilles will look dashing as always. The silver fox.

On another note, the CBC is doing a study on their listener-ship. It is falling and as they told some people in our office “Only old white people listen to the CBC.”DUH. This morning I listened to Sheila Rogers on the CBC. She interviewed Ken Alexander from The Walrus. The beginning was good, but then they began to bore the snot out of me. Sheila actually said that she thinks The Walrus is very different than Harpers. She must be an idiot. I wonder what they could do to attract new listeners…

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