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Friday, November 04, 2005
So, the spider has been removed. I got home, took one look at the window and I knew. I couldn’t spend one more night in my apartment with the treacherous spider plotting my death and imminent world domination from my living room window. No more.

Knocking on Tall Guy Chris’ door I made sure I looked right pitiful. I stood there ringing my hands and biting my lip. I basically had “please help me” written on my forehead. I am being 100% honest when I say the spider grew again. It was certainly bigger than it was in the morning. Seriously, I think it is on steroids. When I drew the curtain back Chris actually took a step back and exclaimed “Oh my god!” “Chris, “I said, “Chris, that spider has got to go.”

Chris took the spider out of my apartment, when he came back he said that he thought the spider was wearing a watch. It was just that big.

As the spider may have a well-developed frontal lobe I worry that it has a memory and a sense of vengeance. If so…that spider may be back.

With the spider gone I could relax and watch some trash TV. For some reason I decided to watch that entertainment show called “Insider.” Well, there was nothing on my few channels and I was waiting for Coronation Street to start (BTW, the Street is KILLER right now. Killer! Katy, in a fit of rage killed her father with a monkey wrench in the Kevin Webster’s garage. Her mom came and found her and took her home. The next day Tyrone and Kevin found him. The police don’t know that Katy killed him. I wonder if they will try to blame Martin, Katy’s old boyfriend, he was angry because Katy’s dad succeeded in breaking up their relationship and Katy just aborted their baby. Kevin is also a suspect because Katy’s dad was telling people that Kevin’s wife, Sally, was having an affair with Martin. Kevin was gonna fire him the morning they found his body. The DRAMA).

Anyway, “Insider” or is it “Hollywood Insider” is ridiculous. First of all, there is little to no actual content in the show. They just keep telling you what they will be reporting on for the first 10 minutes. Then the 20 minutes of actual show they don’t say anything other than what they said when they were telling you what they were going to say.

I am sure I have watched this show before. About 6 months ago. I forget why, but I wondered the same thing then: what is America’s obsession with Carnie Wilson?

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