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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
My Year In Review
So, today is my one year anniversary of my blog.

Happy blog day to me,
Happy blog day to me,
Happy blog day,
Happy blog day.
Happy blog day to me!

Yes, folks it has been a year since I started chronicling the meaningless aspects of my life for all the cyber world to read or ignore. It’s been real fun. I’ve gone through my whole blog, a year’s worth of prattling and I have some comments.

1. I started the blog thinking that it would help me to talk less. OK, in all honestly I started the blog because a cute boy has one so I copied him (We can call him “the Blogfather” - But, I also thought that by getting the random thoughts out of my brain I wouldn’t talk non-stop about those thoughts.

My assessment: Total failure. I still talk non-stop. Back when I was living with GRC she used to joke about having “Live Streaming Blog” at home. I have come to realize that random thinking is like desire, you can only quench it temporarily, but then it rises up anew. However, GRC still read my blog and listened to me talk. So, now I am under the dangerous impression that I am deadly interesting. Watch out. I will blog with impunity.

2. I have a number of unhealthy obsessions.

In no particular order, they are: coffee, stolen candy, DJs, cute boys of all descriptions, coffee, a book about rats, martinis, Latin American soap operas, Coronation Street, human interference in the mating habits of jungle cats, martinis, bras, panties, my own hair and Patrick Swazey,

3. I have had one passionate blog affair.

Dear Dust,

We met on another blog and then you followed me here.

I just want to thank you. It is a special kind of flattering to have someone chase you, even for fun, attracted by small a glimpse of personality. How did you make a silly blog so exciting? How did I get so caught up? I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I know that I loved it.

You may no longer read my blog, but I used to rush to read your comments on the inane details that make up my days and nights. I liked flirting with you and sometimes I would write a post specifically designed to grab your attention. You probably noticed, I know everyone else did, but I couldn’t help myself. You made me shameless.

When anyone asked me about “That Dust guy” I’d smile. When some other girl responded to your teasing, I was jealous and when you stopped leaving your comments, I didn’t know how to get you back. I missed them, and people continued to ask me what happened to you. I told them you were thrilling someone else.

Alas, you were more complex and sensitive than I gave you credit for and perhaps you took my flippant attitude for a lack of appreciation. It’s my loss, I assure you. Should you come back to me…should you come back. Oh darling, make it happen.


4. My last job was a serious problem in my life. I successfully solved that problem by quitting and moving to Montreal. Among the problems with my last job I list, my bosses, the job tasks, the flood, the stench, the hygiene, the pay and lack of job satisfaction. Good riddance.

I suggest that everyone unhappy with their job quit, just walk away. It’s not worth it. Do it. We are only young once and we are ALWAYS to young to be miserable at work.

5. I have named several syndromes and I should become an editor at the New England Journal of Medicine.

Those syndromes are: CTS (Camel Toe Syndrome), VNS (Visible Nipple Syndrome), MRS (Mall Repulsion Syndrome), FVS (Fat Vagina Syndrome), FVC (Fat Vagina Complex), and BPD (Bottomless Pit Day).

6. Some very interesting people read my blog and have blogs of their own.

They are as follows:

To those I have missed, I apologize.

7. I’d like to thank my contributors. You guys have been great to read.

The regulars are as follows:
GRC, Vijay, Anne, Nadia, Angel, Dave, Notsoweirdguy, Gani (and the times you just wrote ‘g’ and the times you called yourself ‘assman’ but I know it was you), Ruben, Truecraig, Miss Anon, Marta, Erin, Sara, and of course, Dust. If I missed you, I apologize. I also want to thank the people who don’t leave comments but I know are reading. That means you, Sandra and Liz.

I have tried to keep other diaries, but I always think back to that day when I caught my mother reading the diary I wrote in grade seven. Yes, that gave me some deep seeded trust issues, and yes, I felt betrayed, and no, I will never forget it, but perhaps she was on to something. I mean I got in trouble for swearing in it, but look what she created.

You know, a few years ago a good friend and I started a picture book. It became a diary of hand drawn photos. The events of one year as represented in pencil crayon. I loved it, and I still look at. Yes, one drunken night, in a fit of rage, I ripped out the pages with the image of a certain red-headed man and handed them to his girlfriend while saying “I think you need these more than I do.” But, still I think it was a useful and healthy exercise.

Anyway, the internet is much better for this sort of thing. I can’t rip it apart in a drunken stupor and the people reading it can tell me when I’ve gone off the deep end without betraying my trust.

Blog on!

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