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Friday, December 30, 2005
So, it’s been a successful trip home for the holidays. I did plenty of eating, I successfully switched my mother’s home coffee supply from crap to the good stuff and this morning, before I leave my mom will teach me to make bread. Well, she was all keen on it the other day and now she coping and attitude. Suddenly the mother-daughter bonding moment that she was so thrilled about will have to take a back seat to some cheesy drama staring Billy Ray Cyrus as a country doctor now practicing in the big city (at least I think that’s what it’s about). Imagine, she is supposed to teach me her secrets of bread making and I have set the yeast and everything but now she’s all “I’ll be there in a minute” like I am putting her out. When it comes to cooking, my mother is sneaky, the kind of cook who leaves an ingredient out when passing on a recipe. Now I am paranoid and convinced that she is letting the ready to use yeast sit for a reason, but wont tell me what it is.

There is a good chance that mom just wants to get the last few minutes of the Billy Ray Cyrus show in. I can hear it in the other room. After Billy Ray preformed an eye transplant on some patient he coached the guy’s son’s baseball team and taught the kid a lesson about not goofing off in practice (well, I think that’s what it is about, the voice-over and the piano music is confusing me).

Tonight I head back to Montreal for New Years Eve. GRC and a couple other friends are coming with me. Someone should warn the authorities. Hey, if you are out and about in Montreal on New Years Eve and you run into 5 screaming 30-year-old women, that will be me and my friends. I am the quite one.

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