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Monday, December 05, 2005
So, last night I had a conversation with the guy I broke up with about three weeks ago. We were just chatting, we haven’t spoken since that fateful day in November. Anyway, we were talking and laughing on the phone.

I mentioned that I had been spending more time at the gym and getting a lot stronger. You know, three times a week on a program designed by my personal trainer for general fitness and toning. I'm a powerhouse. So, I said to him “You’re missing out because I’m just getting hotter.” He laughed because that’s funny. Then he tells me that he has started boxing and now spends 16 hours a week boxing or training for boxing. In his two-hour-long session at the gym he does 15 push-ups every 3 minutes. He also jumps rope and spars. He has lowered his body fat percentage and has gotten much fitter. He was always muscular, but now, he is finely cut.

I feel like Jennifer Aniston watching Troy.

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