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Thursday, December 01, 2005
So, last night, I had several nightmares. I don’t know what sparked them, but it was not pleasant.

Well, perhaps it was March of the Penguins. I watched the English version last night. It is very different from the French version. The English version has only Morgan Freeman narrating and in the French version, there are voices for the male and female penguin and they talk to each other. Also the music is different. In the English version, the music is only instrumental. The French version has a woman singing in English. Weird.

Anyway, after my screening of March of the Penguins (and two glasses of wine) I climbed into bed fully intent on getting a good night’s sleep. I slept well until around 3:00 AM when I woke up for no clear reason, so I decided to go to the bathroom.

Getting back to sleep proved challenging. My brain was hoping from one subject to another and I guess that’s what got me up in the first place and kept me up. Sometimes my brain would rather reel than rest.

I finally got to sleep about two hours later. Well, it felt like two hours later, but then my sleep betrayed me. I had a series of nightmares. Not one, not two, but it was like a Simpson’s Tree House of Horror Halloween Special up in my brain. The first one was when, for some reason, I woke up in my old office in Toronto at the Sherbourne and Queen area. I decided to go walking down the street in my favourite long sleeve t-shirt. But, I wasn’t wearing any pants or panties. I became totally anxious and started frantically looking for the Good Will in the area to get a skirt (even in a dream state, buying under ware from a used clothing store is OUT of the question). It was really hot in my dream and there was not a lot of people on the street, just a lot of huge imposing buildings. I couldn’t find the Good Will and I am not clear on how that ended.

In my second dream, I ended up at a party at a friend’s place. Well, really it was a ‘friend’ I only barely know here in Montreal. For some reason I was totally stranded there and had no way to get to a friend’s place. So, I called Vijay who came to get me, but he was kinda crazy and scary looking. He was all pale and kept picking at his teeth, it creaped me out. Against my better judgment I got into a car with him and he almost drove into various walls or oncoming traffic all the while laughing like a hyena and looking at me like if he didn’t succeed in killing me in the car, he would just finish the job later. The worst thing is that sitting in the car I was stuck. I couldn’t move at all. The car would go careening down some street into a dangerous turn, but I couldn’t react physically. All I could so was watch trapped in the passenger seat.

In the third dream I was just being followed by someone or several people. I hate that. All three of these dreams were so real it was like I was living them, I couldn’t get out. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and worse I couldn’t save myself. I was totally out of control and it was terrifying.

My last dream was more like a night terror. I was back in my apartment and in bed. I heard someone running up the stairs in the hall between my apartment and my neighbour’s with boots on were making tons of noise. The lights in the hall were blazing, this person opened my front door and screamed into my apartment “Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping.” And then slammed my door repeatedly but didn’t actually come in. In a half-awake state I tried to get up but couldn’t really move. But, then I finally got up and went to the door and tried to close it against a hard wind and streams of light pushing their way into my apartment. I wanted to see who was down there but I was afraid for what would happen to me. It was awful.

Seriously, I woke up exhausted and terrified.

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