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Sunday, December 04, 2005
So, last night I went out dancing to The Goods at La Sala Rosa. We had a fun time but the real party was at my friend’s place before hand. It was a small group, just us four girls drinking gin and talking about what everyone talks about before they go dancing. Fat Vagina Syndrome (FVS being the clinical term). Due to the side effects of FVS – difficulty shopping for pants, increased instance of camel toe, and the unfortunate social stigma around camel toe, those you have FVS often suffer from Fat Vagina Complex (FVC) the sense that everyone always looking at your pants and thinking, “Oh my god, that girl has a fat vagina.”

Some of you may remember my post about FVS from August 30th. Back then it was just a joke, but now, it has an emotional aspect. I wonder if there is a support group.

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