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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
So, tragedy struck on the weekend when the under wire in my favourite bar snapped in two rendering the bra almost un-wearable. It was the last thing I needed. This bra is a standard and fits…well it used to fit perfectly. It is plain black satin and I can wear it with anything. It always looked perfect. I haven’t had the time to really survey the damage I just know it is no longer perfect and I have been forced to find a workable solution to this problem.

As a result I have had to force my ample bosoms into another bra, which I had abandoned until now. It’s been a year since I wore this one and as many other women know, breasts change size over the course of a year – over the course of a month - and us well-endowed women can experience significant fluctuations.

But, a good bra is a good bra and I have to say, this old girl is doing a bang up job. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, today is the big office party and I brought more of a party shirt to change into – read more revealing (I will also be changing my hair, but I bet you already knew that). The one thing I forgot about the bra I am wearing now is that it is very, how should I say, risqué. It could be the mesh, I could be colour, but it is probably the way this particular bar seems to cup my breasts and almost hand them to passers by. Not in the “welcome to my tits’ sort of way a push-up does, but more of a “I know you wanna get in here” kind of way. It is the cut of the bra that makes it look great under a button down shirt but kind of over-the-top in the navy blue turtleneck I am wearing now. The fitting of a bra is both an art and science I always say.

Anyway, I gotta tell the interns to get the mistletoe ready. I plan to be busy tonight!

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