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Thursday, December 15, 2005
So, Yesterday I was chatting with one of my co-workers. Her name is Meredith and she is a blast (strangely, I know another Meredith who is equally a blast, but more so as she has the kind of edge you only get after the age of 30 and a failed marriage. Meredith at work is like edgy Meredith’s apprentice). Meredith has a habit of pointing at me and saying, “Over there, is the hot zone. H.O.T.” I of course take this as true because Meredith runs that zone. She welcomes others to that territory.

Well, yesterday we were in the office and working really hard on managing our social lives. We took a bit of a break when Meredith announced that one of the party guests from Tuesday night just sent her an email asking her if she’d like to go for coffee. I happened to know that she was asked on another date on Sunday night. These are just irritating complications to a woman trying to juggle two boyfriends. Times are tough for Meredith.

So, I asked her a question I didn’t really want the answer to. “Meredith”, I said, “Meredith, how many times do you get asked out in a month? Just give me a number” She started to laugh but before she answered and explained that she waitresses as a second job and that she just meets so many people. “Just give me a number.” I repeated myself.

Are you ready for this? In a slow month, she gets asked out six times. When things are busy she gets asked out about fifteen times. I’ve done some math. Assuming the November to March are slow (a total of 30 invitation), October, April and May are moderate (Lets say 10 invitations per month for a total of 30 invitations) and June, July and August are busy (that 15 invitations per month for a total of 45). She gets asked out an average of 8.75 times a month.

This woman is a phenomenon. In fact I think we should all start praying to her.

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