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Saturday, January 07, 2006
So, at this very moment I am waiting for a couple people in the office to get themselves together so that we can get to a bar and have a few drinks. Amazingly the managing editor and our copy editor are talking about a staff blog. Ah, the media mediated blog. Do they really fit in the blogasphere? To me, blogs are individual, a lot of fun and most of all it is free. Not free in the sense that it cost nothing to do it. I know there are about a million issues of access. Yes, starving children in Azerbaijan don’t have access to a computer or the internet, so the voices of bloggers belong to those of us lucky enough to have regular access to the technology and the time to put the blog together. Some of us need to have enough access to other popular culture outlets in order to make the blog relevant and readable for today’s tech savvy audience. The blogging community lies between borders defined by time, access and opportunity.

But to have the blog administrated by a media outlet. I don’t know. All the major papers have columnists running blogs. This way the newspapers most loyal readers can get a snapshot of the writer’s personality beyond what they have to write about. I read a blog by a super conservative editor from Macleans. Wow he really shoots from the hip being a little obvious with snappy language and while I am sure he has to be careful with the facts, as he is still writing under Macleans, he makes it sparkle. But it’s a shady business, I think.

Well in terms of the magazine I work for, it is not such a big deal as we don’t cover news or politics or anything. It gives me something to think about. Actually, I guess I have already thought about it and I don’t like the newspaper run blogs.

OK, in all honesty, I am home now. We had drinks hours ago and now I am sitting on the floor in my living room watching Cinderella Man. Yes starring Russell Crowe (Perfect Storm dream participant). It is supposed to be a story about the under dog and hope and bla bla bla. Seabiscuit (a film better knows and the life story of Hillary Swank) was also set during the depression. No matter what these movies have to say about perseverance and the strength of the human spirit (or horse spirit as in the case of Hillary Swank) living through the depression probably really sucked.

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