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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
So, I didn’t watch the debate last night. I used to watch them, but then I stopped because they are often little more than grand standing and leaders saying basically what they said throughout the whole campaign. Perhaps I should have watched the debate last night, but to be honest, I wanted to watch the wedding Crashers. However, I think if the Greens were debating I would have tuned in. I find myself in a strange position here in my Montreal riding. I always vote my conscience. I pay attention to what the candidate in my riding is saying. However, the only candidate doing any talking in my riding is the guy running with the Bloc. He was at my metro stop yesterday and gave me a pamphlet. He was also there to talk, however, the bloc is obviously disinterested in voters who do not speak French.

I have seen signs for the Liberal candidate, and one for the NDP and Green. But I have not gotten a thing from either one. It is almost like here, in Quebec, everyone knows that the Bloc will prevail. Honestly, if I were to vote for the candidate who has tried the best to talk to me, I’d vote Bloc even though, I don’t 100% understand what they are saying.

Sadly, the conservatives are doing extremely well in the Polls. I really hope the polls change. I hope Canadians don’t elect one of the most hateful men in Canadian politics. If the current conservative party gets elected, I think it would be a dark day for Canada.

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