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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
So, I have been watching TV almost all day. No complaints. Well, I did walk through today’s blazing sun to make it to the gym. At the gym my personal trainer told me that he thinks I continue to loose weight. I think he is a little off the mark. I mean, for me the positive reinforcement only works if he talks about my power. As I asked GRC, when is he gonna understand that I am built for comfort, not speed? I think I’m gonna have to tell him that tomorrow.

Back to the TV. It seems to be the day of stating the obvious. CBC news ran a story that would probably never get aired on CTV news (mainly because CTV news is brought to us by GM). As it turns out SUVs, due to rollovers, are no safer than regular cars. Now, I know this has been reported on several different news programs, and there are several different reports and several different studies that have all reported the same findings. But, I am sure people are shocked. The next story: Rain is Wet.

Also, I saw an add for a show about the scandal that ROCKED the world of figure skating. That’s right the Salle and Peltier story. You know, the one where the judges vote for the favourites rather than the skater that actually did the best job. Can you believe this happened in figure skating? Can you believe it?

OK, so this blog sucked. I know it. I’ve been sitting on my ass all day as I have been sitting on my ass for a few days now. I believe it is important to have a post holiday break before you head back to the office. While it is great for the soul it is bad for the blog. After new years nothing exciting happened. I mean, all I got is that after I left the gym I went to the smoked meat place and the smoked meat place was closed. Can you believe it?!

In other news, “The Wedding Crashers” came out on DVD yesterday. My video store is supposed to stock it today and they promised to call me when it came in. I think she forgot. DAMN!

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