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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
So, I think I found my first crush of 2006. I mean I liked him before, but after last night, he became a total crush candidate. Last night I spent some quality time at the gym, you know doing the kind of exercise a girl who’s built for comfort does. As I finished my warm-up on my elliptical trainer I heard the quick beep beep beep of the gym’s door alarm. Which, of course, caused me to crane my neck around to see who had walked in. I only caught the back of his head, but I had some idea of who it was. A few minutes later my suspicions were confirmed. YES! It was Potential Perfect Storm Participant, “Guy at the gym.”

As he walked by me I kicked it up a notch in the elliptical – I think I managed to make to 196 strides. I wish I could say that I did it to impress him. But, amazingly, it was my sheer exhilaration that powered my weakened knees, and the joints that connected my then quivering thighs to my desiring hips. Yes folks, I want him pretty bad.

Through my entire work out I knew his exact position in the gym. He does the leg press machine – the one where you lie down, not the other one. He does his warm up on the bike and to my delight he does the same arm weight lifting on the stability ball that I do, although, he does lift A LOT more than me.

I finished up my work out with some ever so graceful hamstring exercises involving me flat on my back and a stability ball, and some really sexy sit ups. This was when he chose to work out beside me, just in time to see the fat on my abdomen bunch up together in the perfect crunch. I don’t know how many sit ups I did, but I do remember that a classic love song was playing in my head “Tonight…I celebrate my love for you…”

Somehow, I don’t think this guy knows I exist. Really, that’s OK with me. Because if he were actually to talk to me I’d probably fall off the elliptical trainer, walk into a stationary bike or bang my head on the weight lifting apparatus known as “the cage.”

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