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Thursday, January 12, 2006
So, last night while shopping with a good friend of mine I expressed a desire to have a flash pair of shoes for the spring. You know, the kind of shoes that are so sweet that when you wake up in the morning you say, “I don’t know what I am wearing, but I know I’m wearing those.” I considered getting a pair of gold heels. But that dream was shot when Anne said “honey, by the time Spring rolls around gold will be so played out.” It is totally true. You look around and find left over gold from the fall and it has cropped up all over Zara and other stores. Once it is in Zara, you know it’s singing a swan song. Last stop…Old Navy.

So, as you need to start the shoe shopping early, I put Meredith the Man Magnet on the case. The girl has got style. So, I strolled over to her desk and said, “Meredith,” I had to be serious, “Meredith I got a mission for ya.” My girl was ready to pounce. I told her that I need a flash new pair of shoes for the Spring and as she well knows, gold will be played out by then. Meredith quietly agreed, but then gestured toward the intern’s desk, right beside my own. Draped on her chair was a gold shrug sweater. DAMN! Was I temporarily blinded? What is wrong with me?

Anyway, Meredith is on the case, and I think she will be doing some shoe research for me via internet over the next few weeks. Then, she will present her findings to me in a report by mid March. The report will include a brief fashion history, which years from the 80’s will be considered retro, which vintage styles will be hot as well as a trend prediction in chart form along with a bar graph representing prices. I’ll be well shod.

On to something completely different.

I have been asked, by that bastard True Craig, to participate in a Meme. What is a meme, you ask? It is a blog chain. I have to write five weird things about me and then challenge others to do the same. So, here goes.

1. I am a little bit vain. Surprised? I have to say that I get my vanity from my mother and all her vain vain sisters. My father was also extremely vain. In fact everyone I know from the Guyanese community is vain. Therefore I like to think it is cultural, so you can’t hate me for it.

2. I am extremely flexible. I can still do the splits on demand, bed over backward, get my feet behind my head and do several other slightly gross feats of flexibility. I did do a year or two of ballet as a child and about 5 years of gymnastics, but most girls did. I don’t know why I have maintained my flexibility, I just have. It could be due to my red belt in Taekwon-do, but I only started that sport in my late 20’s and found that my bendy abilities have only slightly deteriorated since my childhood. It must be my fantastic genes.

3. I am very strongly affected by violence and suspense in movies. So much so, that I often have to leave movie theatres and there are a number of very famous films I have never seen, nor will ever see. This may be a symptom of my increased sensitivity. I will probably never see History of Violence, and there are large parts of Boys Don’t Cry that I have not seen. I am avoiding Crash for the same reason. These are just examples. This trait is getting worse as I get older. I am convinced that by the time I hit 45, I will only watch comedies and documentaries.

4. I have a strange fascination for other languages. That was once combined with my extremely approachable nature and bitch for a boss and it put me in a situation where I was taught Tagalog, a language from the Philippines, by my co-workers at a bank (my boss refused to let me sit with people who spoke English because I was “disruptive”). I really took to it and even spent a large part of my weekend taking books out of the library called “Let’s learn Tagalog!” And boy did I! Matututto Rin Ako (I am learning) Maginda hapon, po (good day sir), Calbat, po (Sir, you are a horse!), Mataba (Fat). By the end of the summer I could go a whole workday without speaking English. Boy, was my boss mad. Her next move was to seat me with the women who spoke Cantonese. But, they liked me a lot too. In any case, the events of my life took me away from that office. Imagine what I could have learned!

5. I love to read, and I read all the time. But, I read very slowly. So, it takes me a really long time to finish a book. Unless it is stupid. If a book captures my attention, I will read the lines from different characters in different voices in my head. I have been known to gasp, laugh out loud and cry in public all due to the book I was reading. Also, I often read the first 30 to 50 pages of a book, put it down and then go back to it six months or a year later.

So that’s the weird stuff about me., you’re on!

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