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Monday, January 30, 2006
So, the shit show continues. There has been a glitch in the plan to get myself back to Montreal sometime in 2006. I thought I’d barely survive the harrowing journey of two city transit systems, two flights and a brief affair with the Greyhound people. It turns out that surviving that was the least that would be asked of me today.

I write this blog to you from the fourth city in my journey. After San Francisco, there was Oakland. After Oakland there was New York. We tried to get to Burlington, Vermont. Yes, we tried our best. The cloud cover in the city stopped that plan and here I sat, attached to a Shell jet fuel truck at some random airport in Syracuse New York. I didn’t even know that you could re-fuel a plane with the passengers still on it.

Now the plane is full of some very tired people, we can’t get out and this discount airline carries no food. I am currently trying to keep down a Zone Bar. Make no mistake those things taste like shit. The temperature on the plane is going up and the flight is near sold out. The smell of other’s perfume and cologne is getting to me.

How could it all have gone so wrong so quickly? While we circled Burlington I tried to convince the flight attendant to tell the pilot to land in Montreal. I think the plane could have made it there in about 30 minutes, but, I’m not a pilot nor do I know anything about airspace between Canada and the US. So, my suggestion fell on deaf ears.

Only disco can make me feel better.

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