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Thursday, July 13, 2006
So, on Monday night the power went out in my apartment, and I had no one to make out with. There was a tremendous rainstorm. Sheets of rain came down. We’ve had some good storms this summer, but this one was different. This was spectacular. Thunder bounced off the walls in my apartment and once the power went out, blue lightening flashed through my rooms.

Earlier, during the heaviest rain, I watched people walk by my window. Rather, running up the street drenched and hunching over as if bad posture will make them less wet. I opened the window to hear it, only to back away from the tiny drops of rain making it past the mesh separating me from the weather.

Before the power went out I was doing what I normally do on a Monday night. Twisting my hair to the distracting words and pictures of a DVD. The TV shut off and the lights went out when I had about thirty minutes to go on my hair.

Generally, I need to watch something when I am doing my hair. I like to watch movies or the Coronation Street omnibus on CBC at 7:00Am on Sundays. But, doing my hair in complete silence is just too boring. I need a distraction. I guess it was the lack of distraction that made my mind wander and I wish I could say that I started to think of something profound or even interesting to others. But, no, I just started to have some crazy thoughts regarding my hair.

Should I just texturize my hair, employing a chemical to render it only partially straight and maintaining a certain look (which no doubt can not be replicated in my actual life, it is just the way it looks in my brain)? It would be a risk. I have a massive head of hair and if I didn’t like the way it turned out, I would have to live with it for the 18 months it would likely take to grow out.

It took about 18 seconds for my sister to talk me out of it. She takes a rather hard line on hair. Perhaps it is a hard line for my hair specifically. Anyway, she was against it. Also, I just can’t take the risk.

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