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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
My Year In Review
So, it is that time of year again. It is time for my second annual “year in review.” Yes, it is my blog anniversary. It’s my blogaversary. Happy Blog Day to me.

Another year of prattling has gone by and again I have some comments. Now I did much less blogging on 2006 and I think it has to do with a better job. While it has its problems, it certainly has kept me busy.

I have done a lot of traveling this year. Since January, I have been to Toronto, San Francisco, Niagara on the Lake and New York City. I count myself lucky because my job has been paying for me to travel as the trips have all been for professional development purposes.

I really do think of interns as play things. I have written about them, used them in social experiments and I like to watch them get drunk. At the same time, I really appreciate them and you wouldn’t know it, but they often confide in me. I have respectfully kept their personal problems off the blog. But, I admit, that was a struggle.

The most popular blog post of the year had nothing to do with bras, panties, or bikini waxes. It had to do with a cat. A big fat cat named Oscar. How much does Oscar weigh now? I’m not sure but on June 9th he was 25 pounds. This came as a surprise to GRC but it was plainly obvious to both me, and Nadia (the woman who guessed his weight).

I decided to keep my love life off the blog but I did write about two proper crushes I had this year, the security guard at the Nordelec building and the guy at the gym. Both respectable crushes, but nothing compared to 2005’s Portuguese Chicken Guy, Construction Workers, and certainly not to Dust.

However, there is a new crush on the scene, my capoeira instructor. I have named him “The Best Looking Man in Montreal” and he really is. It is a little bit crazy, actually. He is like his own urban legend.

On the fitness front I have belonged to two gyms. I got back together with the YMCA but still think about U.N.I. Training in my old neighbourhood. It was my first extended experience with a personal trainer and I miss him. Scott was amazing, so were the facilities. I work out as hard as a girl built for comfort should work out.

My work related drinking was at an all time high in 2006 thanks to many an industry event and the aforementioned professional development opportunities. I even swore of the bottle when at work events. But, that was a useless measure especially since I work in an office that encourages wine drinking while working. And, my boss was really upset this summer because we didn’t have the chance to “get hammered and go see Talladega Nights” together.

I had the chance to publish in arenas outside the blog this year. Nothing special but actually getting paid to write was new and exciting. It was an article about interns but I was disappointed because I really couldn’t mention that they are my playthings.

So, this was my Blog year in review. My close friends know what I have left out. There are some things a woman has to keep to herself. On to another year of blogging.

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