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Friday, January 12, 2007
So, this morning I was standing by the bus stop waiting to really start my commute to work. I was kinda irritated because it is clear that the later we get in the week, the later the crush of bodies happen on the Metro and it seems that the entire city is on my schedule. While waiting I was doing what I normally do in the morning, looking at the men at the stop and wondering what kind of boyfriend they would be and what kind of woman would go out with them. It’s a fun game.

Generally, there is a bunch of old men at the stop of the short and Portuguese variety. I always look at those men and imagine they have even shorter wives at home sitting on the porch or looking after their grandchildren while these guy go and play cards at the community centre or the basement of the gigantic Portuguese church strangely decorated by odd Christmas lights year-round.

Today there were two guys who were neither short, nor Portuguese. They were of average height and there was nothing about their looks that would make them stand out. This may explain their choices in terms of fashion and personal grooming.

The first guy, he was wearing a blue beret. I really can’t take a beret seriously unless it is being rocked by a fashionista. But, they still look funny. It is a bold choice to say the least. My mother has a beautiful beret and she looks real cute in it. But, let’s be honest, my mother is adorable, even when she is being annoying – ok, that is a stretch. But she is super cute and can make a beret look precious.

The other guy, made what continues to be the most confusing grooming choice a mad could ever make. I don’t know what makes a man do this, but it is fairly common in what may well be the ‘community’ that plays those role playing games. However, he didn’t have a black trench coat, nor did he look like he spends all his time indoors and he was actually with a woman. I don’t know why she has not put her foot down. I don’t know why she would let him walk around like this. The guy had braided the hair growing on his chin. It was about six inches long and he had wrapped an elastic band around the bottom. Really, does this dude own a mirror?

See, she can’t really love him. Here is a story that illustrates my point: Last week a friend of mine and I were at a bar and we saw this woman wearing a backless shirt WITH a bra. Her bra strap was clearly visible and it looked like a bra strap – even in a dimly lit bar and from across the room. It ruined her look. Her ‘friends’ must have told her it looked OK, because she must have been afraid to go bra-less. Well, someone should have taken this girl to the Pharmaprix to pick up one of those stick-on bras. I hear they are awesome. Whoever she was with was NOT her friend.

So, this dude’s girlfriend, if she loves him, should do her level best to convince this guy that the beard-braid just looks stupid, because it does.

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