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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So, today is February 21st and in a month’s time I will be getting ready to post my muffin top/camel toe report. By the end of March the weather gets much better and people decide to start wearing the same lighter clothes they were wearing back when the weather was nice and warm. The problem is that most people gain a few pounds over the winter to protect themselves against the wind and snow and who can blame them. There is just more to love and cuddle with, provided, of course, that you are part of a cuddling couple. However, we forget what the extra sweetness does to the waistline when crammed into clothes made for the slimmer summer season and really we shouldn’t. Hence, the muffin top/camel toe report.

So, those of you who are counting the degrees on the thermometer as it inches upward have a choice you must make in the next 4 weeks. Either do your best to do away with the extra or buy a pair of pants that fit. I don’t care what you do. Just choose one. No one needs to see your camel toe.

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