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Thursday, March 08, 2007

So, as many of you know I love my interns and sometimes develop fun relationships with them. Sometimes they let me meddle in their lives, sometimes they, rather foolishly, ask for my advise. I have a former intern here who now works for us and does a great job that is why we keep asking her to come back. She will be called I-ML to protect her anonymity, but yes, that is her in the picture.

She and I spend a lot of office time together and have developed quite the friendship. I like to take her with me where ever I go. To lunch, to the bank, to unplanned shopping trips I-ML comes along and tells me stories about her love life to keep me entertained.

One of the things I-ML and I talk about is growing-up and becoming adult women ready to be fully functioning members of society. She has just finished school and sometimes she freaks out about her future – like we all did. So, I tell her to chill out and set goals and while she normally listens to me, one lesson she refuses to grasp is; adult woman wear bras every day. I’ll say that again, adult women wear bras every day.

Go ahead and call me old fashioned, but I really feel that unless you are built like a twelve-year-old boy, you should wear a bra… to work. Not our I-ML. No, she decides not to and frankly, this girl needs a bra. Not in a bad way, she just needs to wear one.

I don’t understand it. The woman wears six shirts at the same time and at any given moment she’s got a vest and a belt and more accessories than you can shake a stick at. However, she can’t be asked to put on a bra.

We often play a little game in the morning (ok, we work in publishing… and she is a bit of a free spirit, so the ‘morning’ for us is anytime between 11:00am and 1:00pm). She comes to the office and I guess if she is wearing a bra. I think you should all join in, everyone look at her picture. Is this woman wearing a bra?

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