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Thursday, May 24, 2007

So, it has been a long while since I have written. My blog hiatus was unplanned. Life works in funny ways sometimes and some very dramatic events – the details of which, I will not bore you with – has taken me away from my blog. But, I am back with a bit of a life update.

Two years after my shocking move to Montreal, I am planning my triumphant return to Toronto at the end of June. I am actually trying to stay in Montreal as long as possible. You see, I only started really loving – ok really liking – Montreal a year ago. I have made a lot of friends here and I really enjoy them and I am going to miss them terribly. I will miss my apartment and the awesome coffee shop (I’m sitting in it now). I will miss the lovely parks and I will miss my hot capoeira instructor. Everything ends.

On to some other news, as is the rhythm of my life I met a cute boy at a party last week. Prompted by 5 glasses of wine and the group of guys I barely know chanting, “Do it. Do it. Do it.” in the corner I actually asked him out. This happened last time I moved to another city, I suddenly started behaving very boldly. I wont bore you with the details of that either, but it was scandalous.

Amazingly he said “yes”. Imagine. Then he gave me his phone number. And, now it is time for the real shock – it was his actual phone number. This dude has two jobs. You all know that I love a man with a job. Well, I really love a man with TWO jobs. I called him and had to leave a message. Then I convinced myself that he wasn’t going to call because I was so drunk when I met him. But then he did call and we talked briefly and made plans to go out this week. So, I called him back the next day and left a message.

Now time for the tragedy, I haven’t heard from him since and it has been three days. THREE DAYS!*

How could he do it? How could he throw away our potential life together? We were supposed to have a passionate romance during the weeks I had left until I moved back. Then we were supposed to have a long distance relationship – with me traveling to Montreal at least once a month, running to his waiting arms and him traveling to Toronto once a month to be with me. Then, after we realized that our lives are meant to be intertwined we would decide to live in either Montreal or Toronto (probably Toronto, the dude has two jobs. He could get more jobs in Toronto). Then we were to have a life strikingly similar to the life I was supposed to have with that security guard from the gym who, I imagined, was working on getting his welders license in Quebec and Ontario. We were going to end up with a house in Parkdale that he was constantly renovating and a couple of really adorable kids with my hair and his smile. Everything ends, I guess. Sometimes even before it begins – well, begins in reality regardless of what had begun in my head.

*Please note that I called him yesterday (Wednesday). However, I will not call again.

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